M300 (Mains in 300 Topics)

Course Highlights

Course Fee 

PDF in Hindi and English Medium

Synoptic way of learning: Reduce bulky material and compilations

Only exam-oriented material: No garbage material

Course Details

What is this course

  • Total number of topics: Approx.
    300 (1-3 pages notes).
  • Only those topics which are relevant to the exam.
  • Mains-specific Current Affairs: full coverage, with static base
  • Concise information and easy
  • Average duration of the lectures: 10-15
  • Doubt clearing sessions.
  • Introduction, Syllabus Mapping
  • Background
  • Issue
  • Pros and cons
  • Recent developments if any
  • Controversies if any
  • Diagrams, data, graph table etc.
  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Way forward
  • Conclusion
  • How to use the fodder in your answers.
  • Synoptic way of learning: Reduce bulky material and compilations
  • Only exam-oriented material: No garbage material
  • Easy to update with current affairs
  • One stop centre for all mains specific current issues
  • Static portion will be covered as and when it features in news.
"Lowest Fee, Best Content"


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Frequently Asked Questions

This Course offers the most relevant current affairs  300 topics for the UPSC Mains Examination. This course provides you with the SYNOPTIC way of learning which is focused on simplified manner of learning and not at all bulky in nature.

Mains in 300 contains the most relevant current affairs 300 topics and Mains Classroom covers full course of Mains which covers GS 1, GS 2, GS 3 and GS 4.

The structure of a Lecture follows a clear strategy – Introduction, Syllabus mapping, Background, issues, Pro and cons, recent developments if any, controversies if any, diagram, graph, data, Solutions, Way forward.

We clarify doubts of students through emails , Discussion board in platform, Chat option is provided in website and if nothing else; We are always a call away.

Yes. We devote 7-10 hours to make content for one topic. These are ready-made answers, which you just need to replicate in your exam sheet. We assure you that if you religiously follow our “Mains 300” course, you will not be out of Best content writing for the Mains. Keep your current affairs updated with our course knowledge. You will be fully prepared with this and confident to go write amazing answers in Mains.

Our Course speaks for itself. We provide you with the best content of concise details of the most relevant topics for UPSC Mains. It is not bulky material that is provided in offline classes for the crowd. It is the SYNOPTIC way learning designed by the Toppers for the Toppers

Our Mains approach is Synoptic way of learning which is reducing bulky material and compilations. Our content is easy to adapt and easy to learn.

“Mains in 300 Topics” for the UPSC Preparation 2020 comes with the validity till June 30, 2021.

Our faculty for this course comprises of 4 teachers: – Krishna Sir, Nivedita mam, Riddhi mam and Deepika mam 

After enrolling yourself in this course. You will get access through the Student Dashboard on our website.

This course is available in two mediums i.e. Hindi and English.

Yes, we provide you with PDF Notes of our course.

No, this course does not include the Essay. We have separate Essay Test Series available on our website.

Please visit this link for Essay Classroom:


Please visit this link for Essay Test Series : https://synopsisias.in/essay-test-series-2020/

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Yes, our course “Mains 300” is highly lucrative for the freshers because in the initial phase of preparation, freshers tend to deplete their precious preparation time in order to figure out what is important and not important in the UPSC perspective. We resolve this problem in our course.  

Yes. Rather, this is extremely beneficial for working professionals in every way. As Working professional have their time constraints due to which they can only study which is most relevant in the UPSC perspective. This is what we provide in this course “Mains 300”- the most relevant topics which are easy to adapt.

There is separate course available on our website for the Mains Answer writing. We have the best Mains test series which will ensure your speedy enhancement in mains answer writing.

The link for Mains Test Series: https://synopsisias.in/mains-test-series-2020/

Yes, you can. You will be provided with the previous recorded lectures and pdf notes.

We clarify doubts of students through emails, Discussion support at student dashboard, the Chat option is provided on the website, and if nothing works; We are always a call away.