5 years Current Affairs for Prelims. 

Course Fee: MSGP 2: ₹ 1800. MSGP 3: ₹ 2502

Validity: Till Prelims 2022



The previous years UPSC prelims questions are covered under this course, with complete and detailed solutions.

MSGP course 1 is free available on youtube, covering 5 years of previous years question papers, without PDFs.

. MSGP course 2 & 3 are paid including videos and pdfs both.

Course duration: 35-40 hrs. Number of Pages: Have to ask

What is Mains Seat Guarantee Programme (MSGP)

What people are teaching: Guesswork (Tukkebazi) without foundation.

MSGP: Guesswork (Tukkebazi) with foundation.

  • Smart tips and tricks
  • Elimination strategies
  • Guesswork (Tukkebazi) with foundation.
  • When Guesswork works, and when it fails.
  • Basics explained. Enriches basic content.

Detailed solutions of all the options till 1995.

Guarantee!!! Is it a correct word?

Selection rate:

  • 700-1000 final selections / 5 Lakhs candidates
  • 700-1000 final selections / 15 Lakhs candidates
  • 700-1000 final selections / 15 Lakhs candidates + Those who purchased Laxmikant and Spectrum.

Guarantee: No! A big no.

How guarantee?

  • First thing first! If something is a norm, it doesn’t mean that that is correct.
  • UPSC IS NOT UNPREDICTABLE. In fact, no exam is!
    • Nobody bothers to tell this.
  • Do you know UPSC repeats itself.
  • Proved many times
    • 20 20 and 50 50 series: A combination of high yielding topics
    • Mains Answer Building
    • Mains papers Analysis: (GS + Optionals)
  • They are asking questions from these topics
    • There is no reason that they will not ask again.
    • Else, cut-off will decrease.
    • UPSC changes trend, but gradually.

Why people are not following ‘Syllabus + PYQs’

  • No awareness.
  • No time due to Resource hunting: Purchasing a book doesn’t mean that it’s done.
  • The cost of free: Daily MCQ, Daily Answer Writing.
    • Is it possible? Idealism vs Realism!

Solutions by Synopsis IAS

Courses for Previous Years Questions:

  • Prelims: Mains Seat Guarantee Programme.
  • Mains: Mains Answer Writing
  • Optionals: Guidance Series and Trend Analysis. (To be launched in a structured way)



  • Content part + Guidance Part + Knowledge part.
  • Tips and tricks: When to use. When to avoid.
  • Guidance part: Using these tips and tricks without basics will be fatal.
  • Law of probability: Mathematics and statics never lie.

  • Faculties with 5-6 mains: Shubham Singh, Rahul Sharma, Rakhi Jain and others
  • Selected People
  • Overall coordination by whole Synopsis team at headquarters.

MSGP: Course structure and Fee (W.E.F. April 15, 2021)

Three courses: GS plus CSAT. Guidance Videos- regularly.

  • Course 1: Free at YouTube. No PDF.
  • Course 2: 10 years GS, 4 years CSAT. Rs. 1800
    • Free with Prelims Test Series (Level 1), and Prelims Classroom course.
  • Course 3: 25 years GS, 8 years CSAT. 3501 Rs. 2502

Hard Copy: Material from head office. Printing cost extra.

Early bird offer: 10% off in April 21 (Coupon Code: MSGP10). Price may increase.

Course completion date

15 days before prelims.

Course progression Timeline:

  • Guidance lectures:
  • Course 1: Free lectures: Starting from 12 March 2021.
  • Course 2: 10 years: Starting from 15 March 2021.

Course 3: 25 years: Starting from 20 March 2021


This course guides you on how to solve the prelims questions of UPSC with intelligence guess work, logical analysis and common sense.This course covers the previous years question papers of UPSC prelims and detailed solutions are provided of all the 4 options.It makes you comfortable with UPSC question asking pattern and builds confidence in you for question solving methods.UPSC prelims is all about 70% knowledge and 30% intelligent guessing, this course covers the complicated 30% part of your preparation.

This course is divided into 3 parts:

This course is available free on youtube free of cost and it does not include pdfs.

It’s a paid course and contains 10 Years of GS & 4 years of CSAT papers of UPSC prelims.

It’s a paid course and contains 25 years of GS & 8 years of CSAT of UPSC prelims.

Relevance of MSGP

UPSC has been repeating its questions directly or indirectly from previous years papers.

This course helps you in increasing your prelims marks by at least 20-25.

This course will be a master stroke for UPSC prelims preparations.



Rs. 1800


Rs. 3501  


PT 360 + MSGP 3 + 20-20 & 50-50 Combo

Rs. 7000

Rs. 5600

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