[Special Course 03] Mains Seat Guarantee Programme (MSGP Course Overview)

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Three Courses: GS plus CSAT + Guidance Videos.

Course 1: Free at YouTube.

Course 2: 10 years GS, 4 years CSAT.

Course 3: 25 years GS, 8 years CSAT.


Address: Synopsis IAS, Apsara Arcade Second Floor, Karolbagh Metro Gate 7, New Delhi.

Ph. +91-9620206040

Guarantee!!! Is it a correct word?

Selection rate:

  • 700-1000 final selections / 5 Lakhs candidates
  • 700-1000 final selections / 15 Lakhs candidates
  • 700-1000 final selections / 15 Lakhs candidates + Those who purchased Laxmikant and Spectrum.

Guarantee: No! A big no.

How guarantee?

  • First thing first! If something is a norm, it doesn’t mean that that is correct.
  • UPSC IS NOT UNPREDICTABLE. In fact, no exam is!
    • Nobody bothers to tell this.
  • Do you know UPSC repeats itself.
  • Proved many times
    • 20 20 and 50 50 series: A combination of high yielding topics
    • Mains Answer Building
    • Mains papers Analysis: (GS + Optionals)
  • They are asking questions from these topics
    • There is no reason that they will not ask again.
    • Else, cut-off will decrease.
    • UPSC changes trend, but gradually.

Why people are not following ‘Syllabus + PYQs’

  • No awareness.
  • No time due to Resource hunting: Purchasing a book doesn’t mean that it’s done.
  • The cost of free: Daily MCQ, Daily Answer Writing.
    • Is it possible? Idealism vs Realism!

Solutions by Synopsis IAS

Courses for Previous Years Questions:

  • Prelims: Mains Seat Guarantee Programme.
  • Mains: Mains Answer Writing
  • Optionals: Guidance Series and Trend Analysis. (To be launched in a structured way)

What is Mains Seat Guarantee Programme (MSGP)

What people are teaching: Guesswork (Tukkebazi) without foundation.

MSGP: Guesswork (Tukkebazi) with foundation.

  • Smart tips and tricks
  • Elimination strategies
  • Guesswork (Tukkebazi) with foundation.
  • When Guesswork works, and when it fails.
  • Basics explained. Enriches basic content.
  • Detailed solutions of all the options till 1995.


Krishna sir:

  • Content part + Guidance Part + Knowledge part.
  • Tips and tricks: When to use. When to avoid.
  • Guidance part: Using these tips and tricks without basics will be fatal.
  • Law of probability: Mathematics and statics never lie.

 Other faculties: One of the best

  • Faculties with 5-6 mains: Shubham Singh, Rahul Sharma, Rakhi Jain and others
  • Selected People
  • Overall coordination by whole Synopsis team at headquarters.


Course structure and Fee

Three courses: GS plus CSAT. Guidance Videos- regularly.

  • Course 1: Free at YouTube. No PDF.
  • Course 2: 10 years GS, 4 years CSAT. Rs. 1800
    • Free with Prelims Test Series (Level 1), and Prelims Classroom course.
  • Course 3: 25 years GS, 8 years CSAT. 3501 Rs. 2502

Hard Copy: Material from head office. Printing cost extra.

Course completion date

15 days before prelims.

Course progression Timeline:

  • Guidance lectures:
  • Course 1: Free lectures: Starting from 12 March 2021.
  • Course 2: 10 years: Starting from 15 March 2021.
  • Course 3: 25 years: Starting from 20 March 2021.