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Step 1: Payment

To check the course fee: Please check the “Online Course Name” option  in Step 2. To join multiple courses, kindly add the fee  amount and proceed to pay.

Payment ID will be generated after payment. Please use this payment ID to complete the step 2.

Step 2: Register


  • PayuMoney Payment Gateway is partner of Synopsis IAS. It provides cyber secure payment gateway. The payment system is exactly similar to online shopping websites.
  • Please fill the amount manually. 
  • After payment, you will get the receipt. There is no need to send us the payment receipt. Please enter   
  • Bank account transfer or cheque payment  options are available on request. 
  • Synopsis may send you Payment links, from her registered numbers or email id. But prefer this option only if the website is down for maintenance. 

Refer a course to your friend and get 10% cashback of the fee paid.

Your friend will get 5% off in fee.

The account will be activated in 24-48 hours. You will receive an e-mail containing login-id and password. after completing Step 2 registration.

Please contact below for any assistance.

E-mail: Helpline: +91-9620206040 (Contact time: 12-03 Pm and 07-09 PM)