Bonda tribes

  • PVTG from Odisha.
  • Follows a matriarchal society.
  • They still continue to speak in their language, Remo.


Siddi community

  • Ethnic group inhabiting in India and Pakistan.
  • Descendants of Africans: brought to India as slaves, soldiers or servants.
  • Religion: They are primarily Sufi Muslims. some are Hindus and Roman Catholic Christians.
  • News: it has got the first representative in the Karnataka State legislature.


Gond Tribes

  • One of the largest tribes in the world.
  • Mostly found in Chhindwara district of MP, Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, Central India, etc.
  • They believe that earth, water, and air are ruled by Gods.


Kandha (Kondhs) tribes

  • Primarily located in Kandhamal district in Odisha, Central and East India.
  • Livelihood: Hunting and gathering, subsistence agriculture i.e. shifting cultivation.


Katkari Tribe

  • They are located primarily in Maharashtra and in some places of Gujarat.
  • one of the 75 PVTGs, as per the classification by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Market Giloy through PM Van Dhan Yojana run by TRIFED.