National List for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)

Launched by Ministry of Culture.

  • It is an attempt to recognize the diversity of Indian culture.
  • To raise awareness about various intangible cultural heritage elements.
  • A part of Vision 2024 of the Ministry of Culture.

Classified into five broad domains:

  • Based on UNESCO’s 2003 Convention for Safeguarding of ICH
    • Oral traditions and expressions, including language
    • Performing arts
    • Social practices, rituals, and festive events
    • Knowledge and practices concerning nature
  • As of now, the list has more than 100 elements. [listed below]

ICH from North East India

Arunachal PradeshFunerals of Idu Mishimi TribeThese funeral traditions are very unique.
Deere Yamengsocio-cultural institution of Adi Tribe.The epicenter of the village festival, rituals, cultivation, etc.
Songs of ShamanShaman (priest) is seen as a diviner, healer, religious expert among different tribes.
Lores and Rituals of Nocte tribes Two major festivals: Chalo and Ronglo
Sowa Rigpa
AssamJun Beel Melatraditional fair.
Pachotitraditional folk festival
Deepor Beel FolkloreKarbi Community
Ankiya NatIt is the tradition of Vaishnava theatre.
Introduced by Sankaradeva as a medium to propagate Bhakti.
Kholthe instrument created by Mahapurush Sankardev for ‘Chihnayatra’ play
ManipurMao Oral TraditionTales of Mao community.
KhorIt is Rice beer, among the Tangkhul community of Northeast.
It is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermentation of a particular type of rice called makrei.
PenaIt is a single-stringed musical instrument which is an indispensable part of Meitei society, used in ritualistic functions like Lai Haraouba, Lai Ikouba, etc.
SankirtanIt is the artistic manifestation of Manipuri worship.
Appliqueart is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by superposing patches of colored fabrics on a basic fabric, the edges of the patches being sewn in some form of stitchery.
Thok LilaIt is a popular satire, wit, and comedy folk theatre of Manipur, satirizing the social conditions, the courtier, and the king.
Death rites of
Chapka Phayeng Community.
MeghalayaRongkhli  festival
Drums of Garo tribes
NagalandChokri Naga folk songsfolk song of Chokri community.
Nazhu festivalFestival of Pochury-Naga.
TripuraLebang Boomaniperforming art by Kolai Community.
Mosak SumaniTribal Dance form related to hunting.
Garia Danceperformed by youths during Garia Puja.
Meladom DanceBy Keipeng community
Wicker Baskets
Rignai and Risahandloom cloths.
colorful attires of Tribal women
SikkimLama DanceMasked dances by Buddhist monks

ICH from North India

HaryanaJangam GayanThe narrative is sung by the Jangam community.
Alibakshi khayalIt is a famous khayal by Alibux, a saint cum-poet.
Panduan ka KadaArt form for Meo community. It carries their cultural identification.
HimachalKariyalaFolk theatre
Sowa Rigpa
LuddiFolk dance: a victory dance
J&KHaranFolk theatre form performed during the Lohri festival by Dogra Community.
Kalam Bhat and QalambaftGharana of Sufiana Mausiqui
LadakhBuddhis Chanting
PunjabThatheras of Jandiala GuruThe traditional technique of manufacturing brass and copper utensils.
DelhiKinnar kanthgeetSinging and dancing by transgenders.
Composition of Amir Khusro
Parsi Theatre
U.P.NautankiFolk operatic theatre.
Chaar Bayt
Kumbh Mela
UttarakhandHill JatraGroup dance in Pithoragarh
RammanTraditional theatre in a temple of Chamoli
Kumbh Mela
Aipan Arttraditional folk art
exterior and interior decoration in Kumaon.
Madhya PradeshChaar BaytMuslim tradition in lyrical oral poetry.
Narmada Parikrama
Rai Nritya/Bednifolk dance by women of Bediya tribe.
Bhagoriya Dancedance of Bhil tribes
Kumbh Melaa mass Hindu congregation to take a holy dip. Four times every 12 years: rotating between Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik. Ardha Kumbh: at only two places, Haridwar and at Allahabad, every sixth year. Maha Kumbh: held after every 144 years.Simhastha Kumbh: Ujjain, every 12 years.

ICH from East India

BiharSalhesh FestivalSalhesh is the chief deity of the socially marginalized Dusadh dalit community in Mithila region.
ChhattisgarhNachaFolk theatre.
Rawat NachCelebrated by Yadavas or Raut/Rawat of Chhattisgarh after Diwali.
OdishaManabasa GurubaraRitual for Goddess Lakshmi.
Chhau DanceDance tradition of eastern India.
RavanachhayaShadow puppet by Bhat community.
West BengalManosa GaanSongs for Goddess Manosa.
Deowal Chitra and AlpanaDeowal Chitra: Drawing on wall
Alapana: Drawing on floor
Kushan Gaan
Durga Puja
Chhau DanceMajor dance tradition of eastern India.
Sowa-RigpaGaudiya Nritya Classical dance of Bengal Origin in the Natyashastra.
Bonobibir PalaMen villages set out for jungle before monsoon. They return successfully by the grace of ‘Maa Bonobibi’.

ICH from West India

GoaRanmaleFolk theatre
DashavatarFolk theatre by farmers
MaharashtraZadipattiTheatre during the harvest season.
Kumbh Mela
Chamadyacha BahulyaShadow puppet by Thakar community.
DashavatarTraditional folk theatre.
RajasthanHinganVotive Terracotta Painted Plaque of Molela Hand modelled hollow relief of neo-Vaishnava deity, Dev Narayan.
Kalbelia Danceway of life as snake charmers.
Practice of turban tying
Phad paintingScrolls
Chaar BaytMuslim tradition in lyrical oral poetry.
GujaratPatola of PatanDouble Ikat Silk Textiles
Rathwa ni GherTribal Dance of Rathwas on Holi.
Sankheda Nu Lakh KamLacquered turne wood furniture of Sankheda

ICH from South India

Andhra PradeshOggukatha  folk theatre. Performed by the pastoral communities. Eg. Kuruma, Golla (Yadav’s of the Deccan.
 Kalamkaripen-work on temple cloths.
 Tolu BommalattaShadow puppet
Karnataka  Togalu Gombeyaashadow puppet practiced by Killekyata/Dayat community
 Muharram Songs 
 YakshaganaMoodalapaya Yakshagana is a Folk theatre
KeralaChettikulangara Kumbha Bharani KettukazhchaPost-harvest float festival.  
 Kalaripayuttumartial art
 Mudiyetturitual theatre
 KutiyattamSanskrit theatre one of India’s oldest living theatre.
 Tolpava KuthuShadow puppet by Nairs.
Tamil NaduAlu KurumbasDecorating the walls of dwelling huts with indigenous peintings
 Pinal KolattamFolk dance by women during harvest season.
 Nattu Adi MuraiTraditional martial art
 KolamRitualistic design at the threshold of households and temples. It is drawn everyday at dawn and dusk by women in South India.
 Tolu BommalattamShadow puppet by Killekyata community.

ICH Common Across India

IndiaQawwaliDevotional music related to Islamic mysticism
 Veena and its MusicIt is the oldest musical instrument of India.
 NowrouzFestival of Zoroastrians.
 Tradition of Vedic chantingOne of the world’s oldest surviving cultural traditions.