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Pokkali riceKeralaIt is known for its saltwater resistanceVyttila-11: one of the varieties of Pokkali rice. Pokkali rice introduced in Sunderbans. About 80% of the paddies in Sundarbans faced saltwater incursion post Amphan cyclone.
Thanjavur Pith WorksTamil NaduIt is made from netti (pith) named as Aeschynomene AsperaNetti (pith): a hydrophytic plant grown in a marshy landscape in Thanjavur.
Arumbavur Wood CarvingsTamil NaduWooden sculpture, by artisans of Arumbavur village.
Kashmir Saffron Ancient name: bahukam  Jammu & KashmirCultivated in Karewas (highlands) of J&K. Only saffron in world grown at an altitude of 1,600 m to 1,800 m. Three types include: Guchhi, Lachha and Mongra Saffron. Iran is the largest producer of saffron and India comes second.
Kovilpatti kadalai mittaiTamil NaduIt is a candy made of peanuts and natural ingredients.
Chak-HaoManipurBlack rice of Manipur. Used as part of traditional medicine.  
Gorakhpur terracottaUttar PradeshEntire work is done with bare hands and artisans use natural colour.
Sohrai Khovar paintingJharkhandTraditional mural art  
Telia RumalTelanganaIntricate handmade work with cotton loom.