[06] Mains in 300 Topics


Current Affairs for Mains:

  • Contemporary issues
  • Current Affairs topics for mains


  • This is a course for Current Affairs and Contemporary Topics for Mains (One year Current Affairs).
  • This course is different from the full mains classroom course. The full course covers all the dimensions of the topics, while mains in 300 Topics covers one year topics.
  • The basic purpose of this course is to reduce bulky and garbage notes for Mains.
  • These 300 Topics, along with static books are enough for Mains.
  • Topics are covered from these subjects: GS 1 Society, GS 2 Polity, GS 2 Administration and Governance, GS 2 Social Justice, GS 2 International Relations, GS 3 Economy,  GS 3 Agriculture, GS 3 Environment and Disaster Management, GS 3 Science and Technology, GS 3 Internal Security, and some Miscellaneous Topics.
  • Static topics are not part of this course.
  • As an institute, we discourage daily answer writing.