[01] PT360 (5 year Current Affair for Prelims)


This is a course for current affairs

  • 5 years current affairs for Prelims.
  • Content Covered: June 2016 to 15 June 2021.
  •  Videos are free at YouTube. Content is not part of free videos.
  • Course completion date: 15 days before Prelims.


This is a Course for 5 years Current Affairs for Prelims. It includes Current Affairs from June 2016 to May 2021.

Course Duration: 25 Hours for 5 Years Current Affairs. Number of Pages: Approx. 300. At least one-third of The Market.

** Subjects: 1. Indian Polity. 2. International Relations. 3. Social Issues. 4. Environment, Geography, and Maps. 5. Economy. 6. Art and Culture. 7. Science And Technology. 8. Governance: Ministries, Schemes, Policies, Acts, and Bills.

** Approach

  • All the subjects are segregated into topics and Subtopics.
  • Eg. Social issues PT is segregated into 9 subtopics: 1. Women. 2. Children. 3. Other Vulnerable Sections. 4. Education. 5. Health. 6. Drug Abuse Issues. 7. Food and Nutrition. 8. Index and Reports. 9. Miscellaneous.
  • The Women Topic is again segregated into its related subtopics: 1.1 International Initiatives. 1.2 Marriage, Divorce, and Inheritance. 1.3 Violence and Harassment. 1.4 National Initiatives. 1.5 Motherhood. 1.6 Women Education. 1.7 Women Health. 1.8 Schemes
  • Schemes related to women are covered in Governance PT under Ministry of Women and Child Development. 

All other Subjects are similarly built.

* Relevance of PT 360 for Mains: You just need to update the analytical part and your Mains content is done. Also, pointers from this course can be used as fodder form Mains. like examples, case studies, court judgements etc.