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The PSIR or Political Science and International Relations Optional for UPSC IAS and NET JRF is designed by Riddhi Sharma. Under her guidance, Garima Garg scored third highest marks in PSIR (AIR 220- 2021). Other students include Mavis Tak (AIR 386-2021) and more. The course includes PSIR UPSC Previous Year Papers 40 Years Solved and Model answers are made. The course includes PSIR Optional Book Summaries.

S1 PSIR Batch
(without Test Series Evaluation)

S2 PSIR Batch
(with Test Series Evaluation)

S3 PSIR Mentorship Batch

The PSIR or Political Science and International Relations Optional for UPSC IAS and NET JRF is designed by Riddhi Sharma, who is the content developer and main faculty for this course.

  • The Course includes Video Lectures and E-Books.
  • The course includes PSIR UPSC Previous Year Papers 40 Years Solved. Model answers are made by combining similar topics to a redefined Syllabus. Learn More about Redefined UPSC Syllabus PSIR- Download Free E-Book.
  • The course includes PSIR Optional Book Summaries. All the Standard Book Summaries are uploaded one by one.
  • No book needed: For making content, we start with NCERTs, and refer standard text books, reference books, research papers and journals. We update the optional content with current affairs.

You can solve 24/28 questions in Paper 1, and 25/28 questions in Paper 2 in UPSC 2021 Mains from Previous Year Papers. View Source of Questions

All these questions can be solved if you have followed Synopsis IAS, because Synopsis IAS make content from Previous Year Papers + Syllabus. View More

  • Strategy Videos by Riddhi Sharma: Previous Year Questions for PSIR Optional UPSC is discussed in detailed manner, in which the strategy for Answer Writing in PSIR Optional is covered.
    • You will be able to self-evaluate the answers after going through these videos.
    • You will learn to include current affairs in Paper 2; apply paper 1 concepts in Paper 2; use tables, charts, case studies etc.; and implement other important aspects of PSIR in your answers.
  • Discussion Videos for Previous Year Questions for PSIR Optional.
  • Theory Classes for all the topics in Syllabus.
Our Methodology for content Development
  • We are a content-based coaching. We spend 6-8 hours for a 20-30 minute lecture to provide you the most comprehensive and Synoptic content for UPSC IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and IFS (Indian Forest Services).
  • Our Approach- Syllabus and previous year papers are the Key! It is a well-established fact that at least 80-90% of questions are repeated directly or indirectly in UPSC Optional Papers. Considering this fact, the content is made while considering two parameters: UPSC Syllabus Plus Previous Year Question Papers.

A Scientific and Redefined Way to Learn Optionals: All the UPSC Optional Subjects Online Coaching Courses are divided into two Levels

  • Free course: These are free Lectures available on YouTube or at our online learning portal.
  • Advanced Courses (Registered users): It covers full syllabus.

Other Features of the courses

  • Advanced lectures: These include applied part and in depth-learning for all major topics. These are not available at YouTube.
  • Study Material: Lecture content is available for registered students in PDF E-Book format.
  • Personalized student dashboard: Registered Students get a Personalized student dashboard with a login password. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime.
  • Answer Writing Practice: There are extensive answer writing sessions exactly based on UPSC pattern. Kindly note that evaluation is not part of the Classroom course. Evaluation is available for test series students.
  • Model Answers: You will get model answers to the previous year questions, expected questions etc.
  • Expert Support: You will get Doubt clearance Sessions via mail, chat, or phone, as and when required.
  • Offline centre Support at Delhi.
  • Two-way feedback: We take students’ feedback seriously. We can remove or replace faculties if the feedback is not good.


  • Riddhi Sharma is the content developer and Main Faculty for PSIR Optional course.
  • Vikas Gupta Sir has appeared for 1 interview with PSIR Optional.

PSIR Optional by Synopsis IAS covers the subjects for UPSC in the most comprehensive and lucid manner.

Main Faculty: Riddhi Sharma


Summary of Standard Books

40 Years UPSC Previous Year Papers Included, as per redefined Syllabus

No Need to Read or Purchase Any Other Book

PSIR Optional: From Basic to Advanced


Course Duration: 100 Hours. Number of Pages: Approx. 1/3rd of the market.

Free Study Material

PSIR Optional
Previous Year Question (1979-2021)

by Riddhi Sharma
Redefined Syllabus and PYQs