Prelims: Current


Sujni and Kantha

  • Needle-craft tradition of Bihar.
  • Both have GI tags.


  • Ultra-thin paper of Japan.
  • UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

Prelims: Contemporary


Strait of Hormuz


Project 75 (I)

  • Refer defense technology 20-20 Series.

Polavaram Dam, Godavari River

  • Under construction multi-purpose National project
  • in the West Godavari and East Godavari Districts in Andhra Pradesh.

Kaleshwaram Dam, Godavari River

  • world’s largest multistage multipurpose lift irrigation project.
  • In Kaleshwaram village, Bhoopalpally district, Telangana.


Narrow spectrum antibiotic

  • It is used against few microorganisms like bacteria. E.g. Penicillin
  • Broad spectrum antibiotics can be used against more than one kind of bacterium.


Red line campaign

  • It is Anti-Microbial Resistance awareness campaign.
  • Medicine strips with Red Line.



  • First mentioned in the
  • Details by Patanjali in Patanjali yoga Sutra
  • International Yoga Day: 21st June


Vocab and Key-words

  • Revivalist: पुनरुत्थानवादी. Who works for restoring previous culture, religious practices etc.
  • Revered: प्रतिष्ठित
  • Platitude: तुच्छता
  • Contemplate: विचार करना
  • Fiscal discipline
  • Unprecedented build-up of military infrastructure.
  • Political retreat
  • Iron hand
  • Dalit entrepreneurship
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR): Ability of a microbe to resist the effects of medicine.
    • “It is a microorganism’s resistance to an antimicrobial drug that was once able to treat an infection by that microorganism.” – WHO
  • Superbugs are resistant to all medicines.
  • Over-the-counter sale (OTC sale) – of medicine: self-medication


(a) Topics for Mains

  • Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR)
  • GDP calculation methodology
  • NHRC

(b) Facts and Fodder


  • 100 Days Action Plan
  • Give it up scheme for reducing subsidy
  • Cross subsidization: Railways recover only 53% cost incurred from passenger transport


Melting of Himalayan glaciers

  • Data comparison of cold war era spy satellites with modern stereo satellites.
  • Himalayan glaciers have lost more than 25% since 1975.
  • Melting increased twice after 2000.