Examine the uniqueness of tribal knowledge system when compared with mainstream knowledge and cultural systems. UPSC GS Paper 1 2021, 10 Marks

Q9. मुख्यधारा के ज्ञान और सांस्कृतिक प्रणालियों की तुलना में आदिवासी ज्ञान प्रणाली की विशिष्टता की जाँच कीजिए । (150 शब्दों में उत्तर दीजिए)

Q9. Examine the uniqueness of tribal knowledge system when compared with mainstream knowledge and cultural systems. (150 words) 10 Marks

Ans. Indigenous peoples around the world have preserved distinctive understandings there cultural experience, that helps them in guiding the relations among human, non-human, and other-than human beings in specific ecosystems. These understandings are called as the traditional knowledge or aboriginal knowledge.

They call for reliance upon local resources and carefully interacts between living beings and natural processes within an ecosystem in order to ensure human survival.

They are essentially the Knowledge Keepers as the traditional understandings is shared by all members of a tribal community, ethnic group, kin network, or family. They specializes as the preserver of  information are notably called as the  gatekeepers as the tribal leaders, ritual Practitioners, medicine people.

They also help in maintaining unique floral and faunal communities through measured harvests and ritual activities .

Indigenous groups also pave for much attention to the local spirits and also preserve the environment through the sacred groves.

They have a religious tenets of ecological awareness and sacred ecology through  instructive narratives and dynamic interactions with local environments, intended to ensure long-term survival. It is often regarded that the Human health is a natural by-product of environmental health.

Traditional ecological knowledge provides for practical measures that are intended to preserve cultural heritage and protect ancestral landscapes and lifeways.

Oral traditions also passes on to the traditional scope of knowledge that can teach, carry, and reinforce other knowledge as the tribal tends to live in the corpus of the whole society and assures of the community involvement.

It interlinks the past, present, and future generations. It has to variably maintained that the sound interaction that they have with nature is crucial. They have the remarkable sex ratio and almost nil rape cases in there society.  Lack is in the assimilation of their knowledge system with the mainstream.

Thus the government must make sure that the economic standards of the populace are improved along with the increasing participation of them in the political arena despite of the government measures in the TRIFED, RERA and the Forest Rights Act need is the implementation of these measures.

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