Course Content


Paper 1: General Studies

  1. 4 subjects in History: Ancient History, Medieval History, Art and Culture, Modern History.
  2. 6 Subjects in Geography: Geomorphology, Oceanography, Climatology, Human Geography, Indian Geography, World Geography, Maps (India and World).
  3. Indian Polity
  4. Governance and Social Justice
  5. Indian Economy
  6. Environment and Ecology: Environment, Bio-diversity, Climate Change, Biogeography.
  7. Science and Technology
  8. Internal Security
  9. International Relations
  10. Agriculture
  11. Current Events of one year and Contemporary Issues of five years

Paper 2: CSAT

  1. English and Comprehension
  2. Mathematics and Data Interpretation 
  3. Reasoning

Mains (GS 1-4)

Paper 2: General Studies 1

  1. 6 subjects in History: Ancient History, Medieval History, Art and Culture, Modern History, World History, Post Independence History.
  2. 6 Subjects in Geography: Geomorphology, Oceanography, Climatology, Human Geography, Indian Geography, World Geography, Maps (India and World).
  3. Sociology: Social Issues
  4. 1 year Current Events & 5 years Contemporary Issues

Paper 3: General Studies 2

  1. Indian Polity
  2. Governance 
  3. Social Justice
  4. International Relations
  5. 1 year Current Events & 5 years Contemporary Issues
 Paper 4: General Studies 3
  1. Indian Economy
  2. Agriculture
  3. Environment 
  4. Disaster Management
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Internal Security
  7. 1 year Current Events & 5 years Contemporary Issues

Paper 5: General Studies 4

  1. Theory Part
  2. Applied Ethics
  3. Case Studies
  4. 1 year Current Events & 5 years Contemporary Issues

Mains (Essay & language)

Paper 1: Essay

  1. Static Essays.
  2. Applied Essays.
  3. Essays on Current and Contemporary Issues
  4. Essay Writing Sessions.

Qualifying Paper A: Hindi Language

Qualifying Paper B: English Language

About Course

General Studies for UPSC IAS & IFS


GS: From Basic to Advanced

UPSC Previous Year Papers Model Answers Included

No Need to Read Any Book

Course Duration: 100 Hours Prelims. 100 Hours Mains.

Number of Pages: Approx. 1/3rd of the market.

Course completion date: 45 days before Exam (Static Part), 15 days before Exam (Current Affairs)

Synopsis IAS GS courses cover all the subjects for UPSC in most comprehensive and lucid manner, which is helpful for the prestigious UPSC IAS and IFS Examinations.



A Scientific and Redefined Way for General Studies: All the UPSC GS Subjects Online Coaching Courses are divided into two Levels

  • Free course: These are free Lectures available on YouTube or at our online learning portal.
  • Advanced Courses (Registered users): It covers full syllabus.

Features of advanced courses

  • The content development team and faculty members for all the subjects work directly under Krishna Sir. Krishna Sir himself looks at GS Content development.
  • Advanced lectures: These include applied part and in depth-learning for all major topics. These are not available at YouTube.
  • Study Material: Lecture content is available for registered students in PDF format.
  • No book needed: For making content, we start with NCERTs, and refer standard text books, reference books, research papers and journals. We update the optional content with current affairs.
  • Personalized student dashboard: Registered Students get a Personalized student dashboard with a login password. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime. You can also track studies through realtime course progress.
  • Previous Year Questions: This course includes solution for 25 Years GS Previous Year Papers and 8 years CSAT. This is Mains Seat Guarantee Programme course, which is included for free with this course.
  • Expert Support: You will get Doubt clearance Sessions via mail, chat, or phone, as and when required.
  • Offline centre Support at Delhi.
  • Two-way feedback: We take students’ feedback seriously. We can remove or replace faculties if the feedback is not good.

Our Methodology for content Development

We are a content-based coaching. We spend 6-8 hours for a 20-30 minute lecture to provide you the most comprehensive and Synoptic content for UPSC IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and IFS (Indian Forest Services).

Our Approach- Syllabus and previous year papers are the Key!

  • It is a well-established fact that more than half questions are repeated directly or indirectly in UPSC Optional Papers.
  • Considering this fact, the content is made while considering two parameters: UPSC Syllabus Plus Previous Year Question Papers.
  • Our classroom lectures, content, and test Series are based on UPSC pattern.
  • The Optional content is made from standard textbooks and references, research papers, and Journals. This requires years of learning and understanding of the subjects.
  • Minimum Content: Approx. 30% of the market. No garbage material. No other institute is even closer to us in content.
  • Highest strike rate in Exam: 75% Plus in Prelims, 90% in Mains.
  • Course Duration: 100 hours Prelims, 100 Hours Mains. 
  • The content is directly applicable in the exam.
  • Reduce bulky material and compilations. Also, no need to purchase any book.
  • Basic Courses and Paid Courses, Advanced lectures and Study material.
  • Registered Students get a personalized student dashboard with login password.
  • Expert support.


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