Hello. I am Krishna, and author of this article. I have appeared in the UPSC CSE thrice. Despite not being in the final list, my score for Essay is above average, and it has been consistent.

The score is

  • 2018 : 150
  • 2017: 149
  • 2016: 138

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Essay module is part of 2020 Batch Synopsis. We will discuss extensively about art of essay writing.


I am not very good in English Grammar or vocabulary. It is well known fact that no-one, including AIR-1, can guarantee consistency. Still I scored consistently. The main factors I could recall are:

  1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  2. Wrote more than 30 essays. Not from any test series, but UPSC previous year topics.
  3. Made ready made templates and implemented those. e.g. introduction, conclusions, flow of essay etc.
  4. Prepared key-phrases instead of key-words.
  5. Used quotes as concluding remark of most of the paragraphs.
  6. Extensive discussion in closed friend circle for each and every word, line, theme, idea etc.