Daily Current Affairs for UPSC

The Hindu and Indian Express in 5 Minutes

The Best of Synopsis IAS – by Krishna Sir.

This is a free course. Content is posted at website. Topic wise PDF can be downloaded weekly and monthly.

Daily Current Affairs for UPSC

There is no plan B, because there is no Planet B.

The Hindu and Indian Express in 5 Minutes; 20-20 and 50-50 Series; and Mains in 300 Topics are the top three courses invented by Krishna Sir at Synopsis IAS.  No other Institute in India, offline or online, is closer to Synopsis in Current Affairs.

The Tale of Daily Current Affairs for UPSC! Is is really required? Or its just a hype?

Current Affairs

  • These are the new Topics in news. eg. Operation Twist.
  • These consume 10-20% part of your notes.
  • Once, these appear in news, they become Contemporary topics for many years. 
  • Mostly UPSC frame one liner factual type questions: Either you know, or you don’t know type.

Contemporary Topics

  • These are the evergreen Topics. In news for many years. eg. Blockchain, PSLV, Cyclone ABC.
  • These consume 80-90% part of your notes.
  • Mostly UPSC frame tricky questions from such topics.
  • Very important from Mains point of view as well.
  • These topics must be covered considering as part of static syllabus. These are not current Affairs.

Do not waste your time on useless YouTube lectures or 90-100 pages compilations. Synopsis IAS has covered 16 months Prelims Current Affairs for 2020 just in 22 Hours.

Synopsis IAS: Content is Everything for Us



We are a content-based coaching. We spend 6-8 hours for a 20-30 minutes lecture to provide you the most comprehensive and Synoptic content for UPSC IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and IFS (Indian Forest Services).

Main features are:

  • Minimum Content: Approx. 30% of the market. No garbage material. No other institute is even closer to Synopsis IAS in content.
  • Highest strike rate in Exam: 75% Plus in Prelims, 90% in Mains.
  • Course Duration: 80 hours Prelims, 100 Hours Mains. 
  • The content is directly applicable in the exam.
  • Reduce bulky material and compilations.
  • Basic Courses and Paid Courses.
  • Advanced lectures and Study material
  • Registered Students get a personalized student dashboard with login password.
  • Expert support