Synopsis IAS Books and Publication

An Initiative for Inclusive Education

Synopsis IAS is providing the most cost effective courses in the UPSC market. However, we have felt that not many people are able to pay even Rs. 2000 or Rs. 3000. Also, it is not much useful for those aspirants who have already completed the syllabus, and want to consolidate the syllabus.

The students doing self study need books and content mostly. There are a lot of aspirants, who are looking for books only, and do not want the video lectures.

Synopsis IAS is providing the best content in the market. Hence, we are launching our publication division. The books shall be available at very affordable prices. There shall be a great range of free books as well.

We are starting from e books, and very soon the printed books will be available in the market.

Lets make this journey great together.

best Regards