Synopsis IAS Answer Writing programme is different from all other online portals. 

This Programme is not a rat-race. Only relevant questions are posted here. Please watch the following videos before you proceed. 

We do not believe in posting newspaper based useless questions daily.

The questions posted here, at Synopsis IAS Answer Writing Portal, are relevant for at least 4-5 years. 

Please watch these videos to break all the myths related to Answer writing.

Most of the questions in GS papers are repeated. The following 4 videos present a data-based analysis of to break the fear of UPSC Mains. 

The myths related to Answer writing are also valid for optionals.

Most of the questions in all Optionals are repeated. The following 2 videos present a data-based analysis of repetition of questions in Geography Optional. The same is valid for all the Optionals. 

Here are some important tips for Mains Answer Writing