Synopsis IAS

An Institute by Krishna Sir

About Krishna Sir

He has been a member of Central Civil Services (CCS) for 7 years. He has served the Government of India in the capacity of Class 1 Officer, Group A Services.

He became a member of CCS in age of 22. He left services at the age of 29 years.

He left his PG from IIT Hyderabad to Join Services. While in services, he completed his PG from HBNI, Mumbai. Part of his PG is from IIT Mumbai.

He is an Atom in the Service of Nation; worked for some of the most strategic, confidential, and nation-building projects.

He himself is mentored by the Makers of 21st Century India, and by some of the best Brains of India.

He is a well-known name in the field of Engineering, Science and Technology. He has published a number of research papers.

He is a man of coding and is a master of many languages, like fortran, C, C#, html, angular js, java, php etc.

He is a sensational classical singer. He is an exceptional pianist; and a decent guitarist, violinist, and flute player.

More details about him are confidential.

Krishna sir, himself looks after the content development. The static part content for General Studies is refined and compressed to approx. 1/3rd of the market.

Krishna sir teaches four Optional Subjects: Geography Optional, Geology Optional, Hindi Literature Optional, Sociology Optional.


UPSC Attempts

“Qualified 3/3 Prelims”

“300 + in Geography Optional”

“140-150 consistent scores in Essay”

“Known for his Guidance Series”

Riddhi Sharma

Director Synopsis IAS, RedefEdu Pvt. Ltd.

She is the Master Mind of Synopsis IAS Optional Subjects.

She has rejuvenated the Institute, took hard decisions to revive the institute and replaced the faculties on the student feedback.

Faculty Panel

Synopsis IAS mentors always teach to the point, and never beat around the bush. All the faculties follow a uniform approach of teaching: The Synoptic way of learning.



Environment, Human Geography, Mains in 300 Topics


UPPSC Rank 34 (SDM),
UPSC 2020 Interview

General Studies, Geography Optional


Ex Professor at NCERT

7+ years Teaching Experience.
AMU Gold Medalist

General Studies – History & Economy


6 UPSC IAS Mains

Ex Forum IAS Faculty

General Studies, Public Administration Optional


6 UPSC Mains (5 IAS + 1 IFS)

3 IAS Interviews

General Studies


6 UPSC IAS Mains

Works for Government of India

General Studies, Geography Optional, CSAT


5 UPSC IAS Mains

Ex Forum IAS Faculty

General Studies, Geography Optional, Geology Optional


3 UPSC Mains
3 MPPSC Mains

Current Affairs, General Studies, Geography Optional, Sociology Optional


3 UPSC IAS Mains

General Studies, Public Administration Optional


3+ years teaching experience

General Studies


University of Milan

Ex Forum IAS Faculty

General Studies, Geology Optional


To reform the Approach of UPSC Exams, at minimum possible cost.

To provide Genuine Guidance: With data, statistics, and the realities of the Exam.

Unlearn the garbage: Redefined study material for each and every topic.

Make students capable of Disrupting competition: Compete to become the Unique and not the Best. To make your foundation so strong, where no one else can compete with you.

To reform each and every aspect of UPSC Exams: Prelims, All Optionals, GS Mains, Essay, Interview, and Personality Development.

To replace all the reference books and text books.

To make students better Human Being.


To reform the Approach of Competitive Exams, by creating a Talent pool of Faculties, and by creating unparallel content, which would serve as one-stop solution, and will replace all the reference books and text books.