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Online Classroom 001: Special Courses

20-20 and 50-50 Series

The Hindu & 2 Minutes

Mains in 300 Topics

Economic Survey & Budget: Explained

E School 002: General Studies

E School 002 (TS): Test Series

GS Prelims 2020 Test Series

GS Mains 2020 Test Series

E School 002 (CL): GS Online Classroom Course

General Studies Classroom​

General Studies Classroom​

E School 003: Optional Subjects

E School 003 (GEO): Geography Optional (003GEO) and Geology (003GL)

E School 003 (HT): History Optional

Student Dashboard

2020 Batch Schedule​

  • Hindu and Indian Express in 5 Minutes: Till Prelims 2020 (There might be some gaps till the commencement of Online Prelims and Mains Classroom courses. All the backlogs are being covered in March-April 2020)
  • Mains in 300 Topics: Approx. 100 Lectures before Prelims, 200 Topics after Prelims 2020.
  • 20-20 and 50-50 Series:  Static Topics to be completed by April end. Current affairs topics will be continued in last 40 days. 
  • GS 4: Half Theoretical part to be completed before Prelims 2020.  Rest part and Case study will be delivered after Prelims 2020.
  • 4-5 lectures per week
  • Course completion time: April 20th, 2020  (Prelims), August 2020 (Mains)
  • Prelims
    • Level 1- From November 10th, 2019 to April end. There is no definite lecture frequency. The lectures will follow the Prelims Online Classroom course.
    • Level 2- from 23rd December to 5th May 2020. (Total 30 Tests- 25 for GS, 5 for CSAT.  Please visit Test Series Portal in the Left Bar Menu for Schedule and other details. 
  • GS Mains
    • Level 1- From October 25th, 2019 to August end. There is no definite lecture frequency. The lectures will follow the Prelims Online Classroom course. 
    • Level 2- from 23rd December to 5th May 2020. (Total 24 Tests).  Please visit Test Series Portal in the Left Bar Menu for Schedule and other details.
  • Essay
    • To be started after Prelims classroom course completion in January 2020.
  • Geography: 3-4 classes per week. Most of the course content will be finished  by April 30th, 2020. The Level 3 and 4 will be finished 1 months before Mains 2020.
  • Geology: 3-4 classes per week. The course  will be finished 1 months before Mains 2020. 
  • From 15th January, 2020.  More details will be notified at student dashboard.

Please write at Expert Support for any issues related to Lecture Schedule.

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  • Recommended app to scan Copy – Click here The soft copy should not have a dark background which makes it difficult to read and write comments.
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  • Name your answer copy ( soft copy ) in this format: (Registration Number_ Test No_Name);(ex : 1267_351_DinchakPooja).
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  • Please do not send the copy via googledrive in any case.
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Expert Support

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